Twitter joins the rest of the world – moves to Kubernetes

Twitter Inc / The Linux Foundation

Zhang Lei, Senior Technical Experts at Alibaba reports that David McLaughlin, Product and Technical Head of Twitter Computing Platform, has announced that Twitter is switching away from Apache Mesos to Kubernetes.

You would be forgiven for thinking that Twitter was already using Kubernetes to manage all its services, given that it’s used by Netflix, Google and Facebook among many others. But Twitter has actually been using Apache Mesos, a competitor to Kubernetes.

The biggest difference between Mesos and Kubernetes is that Mesos is much more ambitious and complex. This means that it is harder to get started with Mesos rather than Kubernetes. But this isn’t likely to affect Twitter as they already have ton of experience with Mesos (they have been heavily involved in developing it) already. The biggest problem, that also affects Twitter, is the size of the open source community around both projects. Mesos is much smaller than Kubernetes meaning there are fewer developers working on it, fewer companies using it and sharing their experiences, fewer experts ready to answer questions, and so on. This is a big deal and probably the main reason why Twitter is making the switch.

Hopefully this means that Twitter will bring some of their expertise and skills to the Kubernetes community and help develop the project even further.